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just say Date: Nov 16th @ 8:43pm EST
Instead of saying “Why is this happening to me?”, better say “What is this trying to teach me?”
I’m thankful to my life for every lesson, no matter how hard it can hit me
There is a right time for everything. Feeling excited and blessed.
One night... Date: Nov 15th @ 10:15pm EST
One night I woke up with a strange sensation. It seemed to me that I was deaf in a dream. I lay with my eyes open, listened for a long time, and finally realized that I was not deaf, but that there was an unusual silence outside the walls of the house. Such silence is called "dead." The rain died, the wind died, the noisy, restless garden died.
I opened my eyes. White and steady light filled the room. I got up and went to the window - behind the glass everything was snowy and speechless. In the foggy sky at a breakneck height stood a lonely moon, and a yellowish circle shimmered around it.
When did the first snow fall? It was so light that the arrows clearly blackened. They showed two hours. I fell asleep at midnight. This means that in two hours the land has changed so extraordinarily, in two short hours the fields, forests and gardens were fascinated by the cold.
Through the window, I saw a large gray bird sit on a maple branch in the garden. The branch swayed, snow fell from it. The bird slowly rose and flew away, and the snow kept pouring in, like glass rain falling from a Christmas tree. Then again everything calmed down.
It was hard to stay home on the first winter day.
Especially beautiful here in winter :) Date: Nov 14th @ 8:02pm EST
I really like to go to the park with my friends to take a walk there. It is very nice to sit on a small bench, listen to nice music and clear my head of bad thoughts.
 I love walking in the parks and proud that they are comfortable and beautiful.
There are always a lot of people resting
Bet you didn't know) Date: Nov 14th @ 12:55am EST
Did you know that vibrators were used as medical devices
Until the 20th century, women were considered pure and innocent, so there was no sexual lust. The restrained sexual dysfunctions they experienced were called hysteria. The treatment of this so-called disease meant visiting a doctors office so that they could massage the affected area with an electric vibrator specially created for this purpose.

Useful information, right?
And now I'm sooooo funny)
I will wait for your comments guys Date: Nov 12th @ 4:48pm EST
I have a few questions for men, please answer me in the inbox here :)
1. ass or boobs? ;)
2. favorite sex poses?
3. what personality traits in girls more attract you?
So nice :) Date: Nov 11th @ 11:02pm EST
My friend told me that they had a Doberman and they went to the playground. One of the exercises was not to take any food from strangers. The team all performed well, but the coach brought pancakes to the exam. Not a single dog resisted.
Beautiful place of USA Date: Nov 9th @ 11:02pm EST
Grand-Kan'on, shtat Arizona
Natsional'nyy park Grand-Kan'on v Arizone, SSHA â€" odin iz stareyshikh parkov v strane. Bol'shoy kan'on byl obrazovan rekoy Kolorado, razmyvavshey odnoimennoye plato na protyazhenii pochti 10 mln let. On i seychas rastet iz-za prodolzhayushcheysya erozii. Kan'on neveroyatno bol'shoy (446 km v dlinu, do 29 km v shirinu i 1800 metrov v glubinu), poetomu v raznykh yego chastyakh klimat razlichayetsya: nizhniy uroven' blizok k pustynnomu klimatu Arizony s sukhim i zharkim letom, a yego verkhnyaya lesistaya chast' zimoy dazhe pokryvayetsya snegom. Lyubovat'sya okruzhayushchim charuyushchim peyzazhem luchshe vsego s navisayushchey nad propast'yu prozrachnoy obzornoy ploshchadki Grand Canyon Skywalk.
Gavayskiye ostrova, shtat Gavayi
Gavayskiye ostrova SSHA â€" amerikanskiy shtat, raspolozhennyy na rasstoyanii 3700 km ot kontinental'noy chasti strany. Arkhipelag imeyet vulkanicheskoye proiskhozhdeniye (zdes' dazhe yest' park vulkanov). Ostrova otlichayutsya po razmeru i landshaftu. Potryasayushchaya priroda tropicheskikh dzhungley, udivitel'nyy podvodnyy mir, radushnyye mestnyye traditsii i okean, v kotorom mozhno kupat'sya kruglyy god, privlekayut syuda tolpy otdykhayushchikh â€" primerno 90% valovogo produkta Gavayyev prikhoditsya na turizm i sferu uslug.
Geyzer Flay v shtate Nevada, SSHA
Nesmotrya na svoye nazvaniye, geyzer Flay â€" deystvuyushchiy termal'nyy istochnik. Yego obrazovaniye ne oboshlos' bez uchastiya cheloveka: v 1916 godu v etikh mestakh proburili skvazhinu dlya kolodtsa, no sluchayno probili geotermal'nyy karman, a spustya pochti 50 let kipyashchaya voda nachala pronikat' na poverkhnost'. Steny geyzera vse yeshche prodolzhayut rasti i menyat'sya (po poslednim dannym yego vysota sostavlyala okolo 1,5 metra). Neobychnuyu okrasku yemu pridayut mineraly, vodorosli i tsianobakterii. Geyzer vse yeshche nakhoditsya v sobstvennosti vladel'tsev rancho, poetomu turistam nuzhno sprashivat' u nikh razresheniya na poseshcheniye.
Peshchery lednika Mendenkholl, shtat Alyaska
Lednik Mendenkholl ne samyy bol'shoy na Alyaske (vsego 12 km), zato k nemu dovol'no prosto dobrat'sya â€" on nakhoditsya vsego v 20 km ot stolitsy shtata, goroda Dzhuno. Peshchery tam nachali formirovat'sya ne tak davno, v 2012 godu. Global'noye potepleniye zastavlyayet lednik potikhon'ku tayat', blagodarya chemu v peshcherakh obrazuyutsya rodniki, a ikh vneshniy oblik postoyanno menyayetsya.
Grand Canyon, Arizona
The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA is one of the oldest parks in the country. The Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado River, which eroded the plateau of the same name for almost 10 million years. It is still growing due to ongoing erosion. The canyon is incredibly large (446 km long, up to 29 km wide and 1800 meters deep), so the climate varies in different parts: the lower level is close to the desert climate of Arizona with dry and hot summers, and its upper wooded part is even covered in winter in the snow. It is best to admire the surrounding enchanting landscape with the Grand Canyon Skywalk transparent observation deck hanging over the abyss.
Hawaiian Islands Hawaii
The Hawaiian Islands of the United States is an American state located at a distance of 3,700 km from the mainland. The archipelago is of volcanic origin (there is even a park of volcanoes here). The islands vary in size and landscape. The stunning nature of the tropical jungle, the amazing underwater world, hospitable local traditions and the ocean, where you can swim all year round, attract crowds of holidaymakers here - about 90% of Hawaii's gross product falls on tourism and services.
Geyser Fly in Nevada, USA
Despite its name, Fly Geyser is a functioning thermal spring. His education was not without human involvement: in 1916, a well was drilled in these places for a well, but a geothermal pocket was accidentally punched, and after almost 50 years, boiling water began to penetrate the surface. The geyser walls still continue to grow and change (according to the latest data, its height was about 1.5 meters). Unusual color is given to it by minerals, algae and cyanobacteria. The geyser is still owned by the ranchers, so tourists need to ask them for permission to visit.
Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska
Mendenhall Glacier is not the largest in Alaska (only 12 km), but it is quite easy to get to it - it is only 20 km from the state capital, Juneau. Caves there began to form not so long ago, in 2012. Global warming is causing the glacier to slowly melt, due to which springs form in the caves, and their appearance is constantly changing.
About Redhead Date: Nov 8th @ 10:15pm EST
1) Red people on the planet only 2%. Let's take care and take care of them.
2) Someone meticulous sat down and thought that among the Disney princesses there are most brunettes, then there are blondes, then redheads (hi, Ariel), and then brown-haired women.
3) In the book “The Smell of a Woman” (1886), it was first noted that red-haired women smell particularly special. The author noted that women with red or bright brown hair smell of ambergris and somehow earthly. In addition to the individual characteristics of the smell of each person, perfumers have established a certain pattern according to which the aromas fall on redheads differently than on blondes and brunettes. Here is such biochemistry.
4) Purely technically, all mushrooms are mutants. Hair color is a genetic trait associated with a single melanocortin receptor or MC1R gene. For all of us, it is located on the 16th chromosome, but our red-headed friends have a mutated version of this gene.
5) Redheads have a very developed intuition for cooling. They literally feel his approach. Thanks to the same MC1R gene. So if before the trip to the cottage the red-haired girlfriend says to take two pairs of pants, then take two pairs of pants.
6) The body of a red-headed person needs much less sun to develop vitamin D.
7) It is known that the Thracians considered the red-haired divine beings. And among them there were many redheads.
8) According to the 2014 Upstream Analysis made by the company, red models and especially redhead are very popular characters in commercials.
9) In medieval Europe, people believed that elves and fairies were red-haired.
did you have that? :) Date: Nov 7th @ 4:09am EST
Often I order goods with home delivery. And I don’t know what kind of moronic magic it is, but in 9 out of 10 cases the courier will call when I'm in the shower or in the toilet! Even if the interval is determined, they call in advance. And if delivery is during the day, I’m usually afraid to go somewhere. Infuriates.
happy Halloween! Date: Nov 1st @ 1:12am EDT
I wish you happy Halloween!
I wish you crazy night!
Let’s put ours costumes: monster, queen…
Let’s go and joy tonight!
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